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Love Fashion? Get on Social Media.

A large percentage of overall fashion sales are moving online, and social media has been a huge contributor. Today, certain popular social networks are go-to destinations for fashion trends, perspectives, and individual fashion statements. To the point where scrolling through social media for fashion inspiration has become the new normal even among those who have enjoyed flipping through Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, or GQ for years.

Why does fashion thrive on social media?

Social networks provide information at your fingertips, and as a democratic space, allow all fashion voices to be seen and heard. They are a great canvas to showcase your style. They also introduce you to how others dress and express themselves in creative, fashion-forward ways. It's a win-win for everyone sharing social media space.

Before social media, the fashion experience mainly existed on television, magazines, and retail outlets. It now thrives online across several channels and multiple formats. You can gather style tips from various social networks and convey your own on several platforms where like-minded people congregate.

Social media is extremely accessible. You can create your account in minutes and begin your fashion journey instantly. Figuring out a platform you're unfamiliar with isn't difficult. Apart from the platform's help center/guide, you can look up the information you need online or get help from a knowledgeable friend or family member.

Which social networks should fashion lovers choose?

Instagram and TikTok are a natural fit for fashion lovers as they are inherently visual platforms. Fashion photos and videos on these networks have a high chance of garnering views. Fashion influencers and brands inevitably have a presence on both networks.

Of the two, TikTok is an incredibly popular app for creative self-expression, allowing you to create 15-second or 60-second videos. The snackable content captures interest while getting across your message quickly and effectively. You can make the most of the app's recording, editing, and effects features to create videos that make you stand apart.

On Instagram, you can post photos, stories, or stories featuring your outfit ideas and style tips. The app is popular among top fashion brands and influencers; it has over two billion monthly users, many of whom follow fashion accounts. You have the opportunity to reach out to a vast audience while keeping up with fashion trends and exploring endless fashion knowledge in one place.

Meta (formerly Facebook), the world's biggest social media network, also attracts people with large fashion appetites. However, since it is changing by becoming a metaverse - a virtual world of digital representations of people, places, and things - you may first want to understand how things are likely to change for the average user. We suggest focusing on Instagram and TikTok, building a presence on these networks on your journey to becoming a fashion influencer or whatever it is you wish to achieve.

How to start your fashion journey on social media

Here are some vital tips to keep in mind when you start using social media to discover and promote fashion.

Understand the social network: Take time to explore TikTok and Instagram, which you can use on your PC or mobile phone. Check out the short-form videos on TikTok and stories/photos/videos on Instagram to get a feel for the platforms.

Follow fashion influencers: Explore the territory, so to speak, to learn about how fashion influencers are using the channels. Social media is brimming with fashion inspiration, and you have an excellent chance to update your fashion knowledge and eventually connect with influencers to promote your account or products.

Note different types of fashion content: Outfit of the day (OOTD). Theme-based lookbooks. Fashion DIYs. You can package content in various ways to keep putting out unique and interesting posts.

Be authentic: While hopping on trends is a common social media strategy, we think that you should just be you. After all, the goal is not only to attract followers but to also earn their respect and trust. Make sure you show your true self and act on your personal beliefs.

Ready to chart your fashion journey on social media?

Display your personal style, boost your style confidence and have more fun with your dressing choices. Make the most of the opportunity to connect with fellow fashion lovers and influencers. Your efforts may lead you down exciting paths. Get started today and keep at it - all the best!

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