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New Year's Fashion Resolutions: Make 2022 an Empowering Year

Each passing year is an opportunity to make small changes that satisfy you. As your appearance affects your confidence, the possibility of tweaking your look should be on the cards as you ponder how you can make 2022 a fulfilling year. We've put together a couple of ideas that you can shape into goals to grow your happiness multifold in the coming years.

Go bold


The Internet and social media have created greater acceptance of fashion choices. Think a TikToker in Brazil inspiring a follower in India to wear colors that pop. Or Instagram influencers are creating envy with their animal printed dresses. If you've toyed with the idea of trying bold looks - whether that's wearing shorter hemlines or embellished accessories - resolve to make appropriate changes to your wardrobe in 2022.

Be sustainable

If you haven't noticed, the fashion world has changed. But fashion is transient, you may argue. We're not talking about trends that come and go, but shifts that signal a break from fashion of the past to something new, a reflection of our changing attitudes and beliefs. Among them is investing in sustainable fashion that has a smaller carbon footprint. An example would be to pay more attention to the materials and packaging of clothes to determine their impact on the environment (think recyclable, low-impact organic material, eco-friendly dyes, plant-based packaging, and so on).

Rethink your wardrobe

FASHION INFLUENCER - @emilyanngemma

Expand or pare your wardrobe? Some, fed up with their tendency to ignore some of their purchases and discard them eventually without ever having worn them, are resolving to buy only what they will wear. On the other hand, those who haven't thought beyond a few key pieces are considering new styles and new additions to their wardrobe. Which group do you belong to?

Change your hairstyle

The simplest way to transform your look is to get a new hairstyle. Explore styles that suit your face shape and which you think you can carry off with confidence. Have you always maintained shoulder-length hair? Get a playful pixie cut. Want lush locks? Try extensions that are kind to your hair and make your mane look longer and thicker. Nothing drastic? How about highlights, bangs, or layers that gently enhance your look? Also, remember that a new hairstyle can take years off your appearance - just go for it and flaunt the new you!

Experiment with makeup

The beauty of makeup is that it can conceal your flaws and highlight your best features. The right makeup helps you look more photogenic and stand out in group photos! No wonder women across age groups are reading up on and making informed choices on makeup looks to enhance their appearance, shine in their social media snaps and strengthen their confidence. Undersmoke, a bit of glitter, or a winged liner are popular ways to define your eyes. Like how models and fashion influencers use contouring? Look up techniques to add more dimension to your face and enhance your natural bone structure.

Pay attention to your feet

Fashion experts agree that your shoes reflect your personality and mood. What do your footwear choices say about you? Think it's time to rethink your footwear choices and how you treat your feet? Try something different, and make sure to break your new pair of shoes in before a trip or wedding. Whether you shun flats for heels or vice-versa, consider fit and comfort to protect your feet' health.

Make more time for self-love

Take out time to pamper your body and relax your mind. Spa massages are excellent for stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow. After a weary day or week at work, treat yourself to a spa massage—practice self-care with at-home scalp massages and long, soothing baths.

Also, take care of your mental health. In these unprecedented times, it's becoming increasingly important to hit pause and focus on your physical and mental well-being. Let 2022 be about caring for your whole self and strengthening your confidence to make fashion choices you've previously shied from or haven't yet explored.

Here's to a new year filled with amazing fashion experiences!

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